Charming, outgoing, happy!

Cutie-pie Coco was born to charm! His beautiful coat, his button eyes, his affectionate and playful personality, make for a winning combination that can soften even the hardest of hearts.

Little Coco doesn’t walk, he prances with excitement, especially when there is the prospect of getting some attention – he is always up for a cuddle!

Coco arrived in horrible shape, after some kind passers-by found him, abandoned, emaciated and with a huge wound on his shoulder having been attacked by other dogs. It took him a little while to trust and even longer to heal, but once he realised he was safe his loving nature was revealed and he hasn’t looked back since.

As we aren’t completely sure of Coco’s history, we think he would be happiest in a home with older children or no children. Typical for his Spitz breed, whilst not aggressive, he isn’t afraid to set his own boundaries and does not like being picked up. Long-haired dogs do require more maintenance than other breeds, so Coco needs a home that understands the importance of proper grooming.

This aside, Coco doesn’t really ask for much- give him a few neck rubs and back scratches, play with his toys, and we can guarantee you’ve got a friend for life! Outgoing, spunky and full of character, we know that Coco will bring delight to the person that is willing to give him a forever home.


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