Enthusiastic, loveable, cheeky

A lovely girl whose favourite thing to do is relax, Gini can often be seen lounging around, soaking up the sun in the prime spot. Gini’s gentle nature has made her a firm favourite with the staff here at AAU, and we are confident she would make a very loyal and attentive friend to the right person. She tolerates being picked up and moved around although it’s not something that she loves. She is generally friendly towards other dogs although occasionally there are dogs she doesn’t get along too well with – she does have a set group of doggy friends with whom she likes to play.

Having not had the easiest life, originally coming to AAU with a nasty leg fracture, she has proven incredibly resilient and hasn’t let it affect her ability to trust people, showering those that she knows with affection and kisses and taking life in her stride.

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