Bold, Bouncy, Easygoing

Excitable Jake is a perfect family dog. Funny; playful; loving; friendly… there are endless positive things we could say about this lovely boy. Jake is a Labrador who was abandoned by his previous owners – possibly because of an old injury that has left him missing the toes on his hind leg. To his old owners he might have been less than perfect but we couldn’t disagree more!

Jake’s favourite thing to do is play – he carries his beloved bone toy over to every person who enters his area in the hope that they will engage in a game of tug of war, or even better, fetch! He is a sweet boy who knows some basic commands such as “sit” and “paw” and will do anything for a treat. His damaged foot doesn’t slow him down at all, and Jake’s laid-back nature means he gets along well with other dogs. From the interactions that we’ve seen, we think that Jake could get along well in a home with older children who have been around dogs before.

Jake is such a friendly boy we’re sure he would settle quickly and become a wonderful family companion.

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