Dainty, determined, daring!

Marvellous Minnie is an exceptional little lady who is waiting for an exceptional forever home.

With her unusual tortoiseshell colouring and petite size, she is a very striking cat who adores people and is extremely affectionate.

Minnie arrived as a kitten with a spine injury that left her with limited mobility in her hind legs. Fiercely determined, curious and playful, Minnie can run, jump and climb even though her back legs don’t always behave how she wants them to. Whilst she can walk on all fours, every now and then her back end just can’t keep up with her front, and her hind legs drag on the ground.

Alongside this, Minnie does have occasional continence issues and struggles to use a litter tray, leading to accidents from time to time. This is something that with good preparation, patience and understanding (a sense of humour also helps!) is very manageable, as Minnie’s foster family have learned, and we will be glad to advise any potential adopters on how best to handle this.

Minnie does not let any of these issues hold her back for even a second, and whizzes about as quickly as any able-bodied cat! She especially loves the garden of her foster home, which is full of exciting things for her to explore and chase. Minnie has been fostered alongside some cat-loving dogs, whom she tolerates, and another cat with whom she bonded well. Her sweet nature wins over all who meet her, and we are certain that there is a big-hearted person out there who will be the perfect match for this feisty little girl.


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