Funny, handsome, loving

Oreo came to us in unusual circumstances, almost certainly a previously owned dog whose owner we haven’t been able to trace. We think Oreo has not had much chance to interact with other dogs or people before being here, and because of this he can be insecure with people or in areas that he doesn’t know, and needs some time to build trust with people. Once he has gotten to know you, he is a loyal, loving boy who makes the staff here laugh with his antics and funny facial expressions.

A unique-looking dog, he is very motivated by food, and he likes to play and even “sings” when he’s excited! He is generally quite content in his own company although does have a few doggy friends here, and is happiest when he has a comfortable bed to lie on. Oreo would be best suited to someone without children, who has owned dogs before. We are sure that with the right people, Oreo would make a fantastic companion!

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