Dynamic, entertaining, good-natured

Pumba is a very big boy, with the personality to match! A striking red Labrador, with all the personality traits you would expect from the breed, Pumba is funny, friendly and very food-orientated, and never fails to make us laugh with his antics here at Animal Aid.
Having been abandoned by his owner when he became so obese that he was unable to walk and had developed sores all over his body as a result, Pumba has since gone from strength to strength: losing weight, learning to walk, and loving life again. He has made many firm friends here, both canine and human, and isn’t afraid to make his opinion known, be it to demand affection or complain that you’re not making his food fast enough!
After what he has been through, what Pumba really needs is the security of a loving forever home, and we are sure he would make a wonderful companion with lots of love to give.
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