Be a hero for Dobie!

He was named Dobie because he needed to have his tail amputated and when he was just a young puppy we thought that even though he’s a pure Indian street dog, he looked like a Doberman.

But tail amputation was not his biggest problem. His pelvis and hind legs had been crushed in a car accident. He had multiple fractures. He would certainly have perished if he hadn’t been so young. Being young, he still had fairly soft bones, and because of this, Dobie, with double leg casts, limited mobility, and lots and lots of love, after 6 months of therapy gradually recovered.

Today Dobie walks “funny”—one hind leg crosses over the other one making him stumble a bit. He can’t control his pee and so whenever he sees someone he loves (and he loves many people) you have to watch where your foot is because it’s
definitely gonna get wet.

Your loving sponsorship provides permanent sanctuary for your sponsored sweetheart who simply could not survive alone on the streets.

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