Be a hero for Kitu!

Kitu is a bouncing, brilliant boy whose energy and intelligence springs out of his playful eyes. He was first admitted for treatment after suffering a spine injury that had seriously reduced his hind leg mobility. We weren’t sure if he would ever be able to use his back legs again, but gave him months of physiotherapy and because he did have sensation in his toes we knew there was a chance that with hard work on both our part and his, he just might manage to stand again.

Kitu’s love of life and play was so pronounced that he gave recovery his all, and after about a year, he mastered new movements that enabled him to get around very well. Turns out Kitu doesn’t like all dogs and so we had to try him with several dogs to find the right match, and to our surprise, his bestie turns out to be beautiful blind Priya (also available for sponsorship). They play together off and on every day, sleep side by side, and quite often, Priya lets Kitu know who’s really the boss–she is!

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