Be a hero for Luna!

Darling Luna has an untreatable condition called cerebullar hypoplasia. This disease, which she has most likely had from birth, happens because of inadequate development of the part of her brain that controls motor functions. This means that she has very wobbly legs and it’s hard for her to balance.

But this condition doesn’t stop Luna from being one of the most active, playful, and loving girls we’ve ever met. She is all heart, and even though she falls down sometimes, gets covered in her food when she eats, and has to try extra hard just to stay standing in one place, she is full of determination and joy.

Luna could never survive on the street, so she relies on sponsorships from caring supporters like you to give her a life-long home full of love and care at Animal Aid.

Your loving sponsorship provides permanent sanctuary for your sponsored sweetheart who simply could not survive alone on the streets.

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