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Meet the team

These amazing people save lives every day.

Our team of 130 incredible staff hail from nearby villages and distant cities. Each one performs vitally important jobs from dressing wounds to cleaning kennels; from rescuing to feeding. They provide gentle care, hard work in all seasons, and plenty of love, making Animal Aid an incredibly cheerful working environment.

Our leadership

Our dedicated team of leaders drive the mission and ethos of Animal Aid, working on the ground in all aspects of our operations.

Claire Abrams Myers (bottom left) is our Executive Director and Co-Founder, Guja Lucheschi (bottom middle) is our Operations Manager, Soumya Bhatt (bottom right) is our Sanctuary Animal Welfare Manager, Neha Banyal (top left) is our Director of Operations, Ayala Melki (top middle) and Nandini Singh (top right) are Animal Welfare Managers.

Our caregivers

Caregivers feed, shampoo, clean areas, and wrap their arms around animals one by one throughout each day. In addition to filling water bowls or changing bedding, they're often the first to notice changes in an animal's condition--they see who ate and who didn't; they encourage first steps, report signs of improvement and always add love to the medicine.

Our rescue team

From 7AM to midnight our team of 20 coordinate rescues, coax and comfort frightened animals, search under bushes, descend wells, climb trees--doing whatever it takes to rescue every suffering animal they can. Our emergency desk receives up to 150 calls each day, treating each call with importance and ensuring the rescue of the most urgently ill and injured patients first.

Watch a tribute to our wonderful staff

Our very first employee

In a place where many people have never pet a dog, Kamla names and loves every single dog of her village. The first employee of Animal Aid, she opened the way to many other staff, particularly women, who have joined over the years. You can hear her voice all over the shelter when she’s talking to the animals. In a place where women are not always encouraged to work outside of the home, Kamla paved the way for other women to join Animal Aid and today we have over 25 incredible women on our team.

Our HR and admin team

The invisible force, they work behind the scenes to ensure our pharmacy is always stocked, the facilities are well maintained, the database is updated, the salaries paid and that our Animal Aid family keeps growing with new staff bringing additional talents and great energy. Perhaps you won’t see them in our videos, but without them we couldn't save the animals.

Our medical team

Our veterinary team of surgeons, nurses and assistants provide life-saving treatment to more than 450 patients in our hospital each day. Additionally, they treat animals on the street, make sure our sanctuary animals are healthy, and run our Spay and Neuter program.

Growing with us

Mangilal joined the Animal Aid family in 2006 as a fresh vet nurse with almost no experience handling or treating animals. A sharp student, Mangilal learned quickly and is now an expert in a vast array of skills and a has huge body of experience in trauma care and surgery assistance. He sets a sterling example of dedication for the many young nurses for whom Mangilal is both teacher, supervisor and friend.

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