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Hospital and medical care

Medical care for street animals when they need it most

Our hospital provides medical treatment, loving care and a safe place for animals to recover. We treat about 450 animals of various species in our hospital each day.

Medical Care

We treat a wide variety of conditions: from road accident injuries, to skin diseases and wounds. Our medical team provides care to animals in our hospital anywhere from a few days to many months.

Animal Aid offers the only rescue and hospital care for street animals in Udaipur

Animals living on the street can easily become injured. A territorial fight with another dog can cause a puncture wound, a speeding bike can fracture a limb, and poor nutrition and stress can lead to conditions like mange and other illnesses.

Many animals are fed by the community but they are very rarely pet or handled and they are usually not allowed inside the house. This means that an animal with an infected wound, or who has become sick and stopped eating is often unnoticed until their condition has become serious. The stress of living on the street and having to search for food throughout the day and avoid traffic also worsens health problems.

Every time we rescue an animal, we provide information and raise awareness so that animals in need are reported to us as soon as possible.

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Wounds, fractures and trauma care

Our medical team cleans and bandages wounds, splints fractures, and treats infection, swelling and pain from morning until night. We provide large open spaces where recovering animals can socialize and exercise, and kennels and smaller enclosures for dogs and puppies who need quiet and bed rest.

We vaccinate all of our rescued dogs against rabies, distemper, parvo and other viruses and spay and neuter them before returning them to their neighborhood.

Mange and other skin diseases

Medicine, baths, nutritious food, and lots of love heal dogs suffering from skin disease, most commonly mange. Dogs with mange usually take 4-6 weeks to fully recover depending on the severity. Even the most debilitated animals can heal, which we see in their transformations in both body and spirit every day.

Viruses and other illnesses

Viruses like distemper and parvo are devastating to puppies on the street as well as animals suffering from weakened immunity. Animals with signs of infectious conditions stay in our isolation area and receive specialized care to help them recover.

Surgical care

We have two operating rooms. One is located in our main hospital site where our surgical team performs amputations, tumor removals, wound repairs, and other life-saving surgeries. Our Spay and Neuter Center, located 10 minutes from our main hospital site, has 80 kennels where we operate on all healthy dogs before being released.

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Watch Mary's incredible recovery

Weary and weaving with illness, this desperate girl was dying from mange when we rescued her.

Mange is particularly dangerous for street dogs because when their itching becomes severe, they often become to agitated that they begin wandering without aim into other territories and neighborhoods where they cannot find food or rest. Mary is alive because a kind person called us and stayed with her, never letting her out of his sight until our ambulance arrived.

Street Treatment

For animals who have mild health problems and do not need hospitalization, we provide on-site medical treatment. Street treatments increase the involvement of the community in helping animals and reduces stress and risk of disease for the patients. Two medical teams treat up to 30 patients throughout the city each day.

Love promotes healing

A loving environment, encouragement to eat, cuddles and comfort can make the difference in an animal's fight against infection and injury.

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A look at animals healing

We encounter every imaginable injury and illness that street animals face, and each species and each individual has unique needs. During their stay with us they regain their health, strength, confidence and trust.

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