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Visitors are welcome every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

During your visit you'll be greeted by animals in all stages of healing, from receiving their first bandage to running again after a fracture has healed, and even our newest patients will be eager for a soft word and a cuddle from you.

Visiting hours

We currently offer one tour at 2.30 PM and one at 3.30 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please try to come 10-15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Register for the tour using the form below. Please know that if you don't register beforehand, we might not be able to accommodate you.

Please email us at [email protected] if:
- You are coming with a group of 5+ people
- You would like to visit outside the visiting hours

Due the extremely busy nature of our hospital, we are not able to accept visitors or volunteers outside these timings without prior discussion.

Register for the tour

Visiting an animal admitted in our hospital

It's wonderful for you to come and visit the animal you helped rescue. They will love to see you and it will even help them recover faster.

Visiting time for animals in hospital is 2-4PM. Bring with you the Emergency number that was sent to you via Whatsapp at the time of rescue so that we can locate the animal.

How to get here

Animal Aid is located near TB hospital, in Badi village. The easiest way to reach us is by auto rickshaw (tuktuk) or taxi; it only takes 25 minutes from the old city and you can find us easily on Google maps if you need more direction.

Snapshots from the shelter


Our tour takes place inside the hospital and sanctuary in direct contact with the animals, and for this reason there are some restrictions for children visiting. Children must be 8-years-old or above and accompanied by a parent or guardian to join a tour. If the child’s behavior on the tour is in anyway disturbing to the animals we will immediately take them out of the tour.

No rabies vaccination is required to take part in the tour, however if you plan to stay and volunteer for more than a few days, we encourage you to have your vaccinations complete at least one month prior to your arrival.

Donating when you're here

We can only accept donations on-site from Indian residents. Non-Indian residents are encouraged to donate online.

Indian nationals are able to make cash donations up to Rs 10,000 (bring your PAN card if donating more than Rs 2,000).

We gratefully accept¬† “in kind” donations of animal food or other material items but we cannot use non-vegetarian products. We do not encourage donating medical items because we have specific protocols for medical supplies.

Gift Shop

Foreigners and Indians alike can buy our merchandise on-site. We don’t actually have a physical shop but we have lots of merchandise on hand and ready to sell–T-shirts, caps, water bottles, badges and stickers.

Support street animal rescue in India.

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