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Outreach and education

Street animals depend on the community's protection

Rescuing street animals and providing a place where people can interact with animals teaches and inspires compassion. Recognizing animals who need help is something that can be learned, and when people are equipped with the knowledge of how to help they are more likely to act. We are teaching people to take action, whether by calling our rescue line or by taking our training course in First Aid; whether by making compassionate food choices or by volunteering.

Teaching compassion through rescue

When we rescue an animal, a crowd often gathers and they witness an animal being treated with kindness. From saving our helpline number in their phones, to learning that conditions like mange are actually treatable, everyone's awareness grows. Most people who see an animal being rescued today are more likely to spot an animal tomorrow who needs help and report the problem.

Recognizing problems saves lives

We educate the community about how to identify health problems so that minor issues don't become serious. For instance, applying medicated fly repellent can prevent wounds from getting infected with maggots. Treating wounds, mange and other conditions early is key to preventing suffering.

School kids to the rescue

Before Animal Aid, there was no helpline for street animals in Udaipur and we didn't know if anyone would even call. But thousands of children whose classrooms we visited learned and spread this message: when you see an injured or ill street animal, call Animal Aid to help. Today we have one of the busiest helplines in the country.

We continue to educate children about how to save injured and ill street animals, and we also create awareness about other ways to help animals such as reporting cruelty, humane pet guardianship and the compelling reasons to go vegan.

First Aid Training

Our First Aid Training program teaches dedicated animal protectors throughout India how to rescue animals and provide life-saving first aid in our week-long intensive course.

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Helping the animals share their stories

Animal Aid isn't just a hospital and shelter, we're also an education center with tours open to the public 4 times a day. We promise visitors and volunteers an environment where animals are cherished and where all who care about animals are welcome. Whether volunteering during a vacation or checking on a recovering community dog, part of our mission is helping people connect with animals and providing a fun and open place where friendships with animals can grow.

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Compassion in action: Meet Kali and her care-giver

Kali is a street dog cared for by people in the neighborhood. Her caregiver saved her life by calling our helpline after she’d been hurt by a bike. Watch this video to see how happy Kali is when she returns home.

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