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Helpline for animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

If you see an injured or sick street animal or any animal cruelty in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), follow the steps below and we will provide immediate assistance.

What to do when you see an injured or ill animal in Udaipur:

1. Keep the animal safe

If the injured or ill animal is in danger, such as lying in the middle of the road, or stuck in water, do your best to bring the animal to safety. Using a blanket can help avoid getting bitten or scratched.

2. Call our helpline

9829843726 / 9602325253 / 9784005989

Tell us what happened to the animal and any information you have about their condition, like how and when they became injured or how long they have been sick, etc.

If you are a foreigner (non-Hindi speaker) in Udaipur, ask for the assistance of a local person to call our helpline to explain the exact location and other information.

3. Send us video of the animal

Our medical team requires to see a small video recording to coordinate the appropriate action.

If the animal has a problem while walking, try to share video of the animal walking.

4. Stay with the animal until rescue

Keep the animal in a safe place until rescue or as instructed by our Emergency Helpline staff. If you can keep them in a room of your house or in your garden this helps greatly so that our rescuers can quickly find them.

For street animal rescue in Udaipur, Rajasthan call our helpline:
9829843726 / 9602325253 / 9784005989.

This helpline is for Udaipur stray/colony animals only. Please take video/photos of the animal you have seen as you will be requested to send us a quick video to our helpline for our medical team to assess in order to provide the most appropriate help.

We request you to be patient as we receive up to 100 requests for rescue each day and animals in serious and life-threatening condition are always our priority.

Keep the animal safe until rescue

If an animal has been hit by a car or is in the middle of traffic, try to safely bring her to the side of the road or to a safe place. Keep an eye on her until our Emergency Call Center has given you further guidance. If the animal is injured they may be in pain, so to avoid getting scratched or bitten use a blanket while moving them to safety.

Bringing an injured or ill animal to Animal Aid

Bring your colony puppy, dog or cat or other stray animal who you are very comfortable handling to Animal Aid for the fastest treatment. Do not bring by yourself any animal who you are unable to handle or who might escape during transport.

Call our emergency helpline in advance of bringing the animal so we can coordinate with our medical team for the quickest treatment. Please note: we only treat unowned, colony/street animals.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the ambulance take to arrive?

The time will vary based on the condition of the animal and the number of animal emergencies at that time. Our helpline call attendants send the ambulances to the most critical animals first, such as animals who are unable to walk, have fractures, are bleeding, etc.

If it’s taking time for the ambulance to reach please know that it’s because there are more critical rescues required first.

If you can bring the animal to Animal Aid yourself this is greatly appreciated and will ensure fast treatment.

Where is Animal Aid located?

Animal Aid is in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Near the TB Hospital in Badi.

Can Animal Aid treat my owned dog?

No, we only treat stray / street animals.

Can Animal Aid give me medicine to treat my colony animal?

Yes, if the animal does not require getting admitted in the hospital our Street Treatment Team can provide you medication and can teach you how to give.

Can I visit my animal in Animal Aid?

Yes. Visiting hours for animals admitted in our hospital are between 2PM-4PM. Bring the animal’s rescue identification number which you received by Whatsapp at the time of rescue so that we can quickly locate the animal.

Can Animal Aid take my pet if can't take care anymore?

No, Animal Aid does not take owned animals. However, if you are having problems keeping your pet you can reach out to us and we can give advice and assistance.

What if I see someone abusing an animal in Udaipur?

Cruelty to an animal is against the law and you can help us stop it. Immediately start taking video / photos to document the cruelty while trying to safely stop the abuse.

Call our helpline and report the cruelty.

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