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Spay and neuter

Spay / neuter and rabies vaccination for animal and human welfare

We spay and neuter every rescued dog who is fit for surgery before returning them to their neighborhoods and all of our rescues are vaccinated against rabies on admission.

Additionally, we conduct spay and neuter on dogs from areas where people have become hostile towards them. This helps protect them from potential cruelty and improves welfare in the neighborhood.

Improving life on the street

Spay and neuter prevents puppies from suffering, extends the life of females and reduces fighting and injury between males. Because not everyone likes dogs, it also is an important form of cruelty prevention since a more stable dog population means less fear and hostility against dogs.

Street dog population control

Street dogs in India survive by eating the left-overs and scraps given by people or that they find in garbage, which is abundant. Their population usually closely corresponds to the human population and the amount of available garbage.

Sterilization combined with rabies inoculation is internationally recognized to be the most effective and humane means of population and rabies control.

In India, although the law requires government bodies to conduct animal birth control programs, most cities do not have them and it’s left to non-governmental organizations to run programs of varying sizes.

We run our spay/neuter program without financial support from the government.

Surgical care

Our surgical team takes the utmost care of the dogs we spay and neuter, ensuring speedy recoveries. Post-surgery dogs are kept in single kennels for several days to peacefully recover while monitored regularly by our medical team. We operate on 7-10 dogs each day, 6 days a week.

Our Spay and Neuter Center

Located about 10 minutes from our main hospital site, we have 85 kennels, preparation and operating room. By keeping the center separate from our hospital, it enables us to reduce the presence of any contagious viruses. Our staff are on site 24 hours a day to ensure around-the-clock monitoring and care.

Support spay and neuter to save lives.

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