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A loving home for animals with difficult beginnings

Our sanctuary is home to 200 animals of many species. We rescued each one from great hardship and today they are a source of inspiration for happiness and love.

Deepak's shining light

We rescued Deepak in 2016 after his legs had been crushed by a train. After making an incredible recovery, he lives happily in our sanctuary along with 50 other dogs with special needs and incredible abilities.

Watch Deepak's rescue story

Calves, sheep, goats and chickens!

Many species all live happily together in our Visitor's Center, the welcoming area of our shelter. Most of the calves here are males who were abandoned by the dairy industry; the chickens escaped from live animal butcher shops; and our sheep were the only ones from their herd to survive a horrific road accident, but all have come to thrive on affection. Many visitors become friends with members of these species for the first time. When you come, get ready to fall in love!

Handi Heaven

Adorable mobility-impaired dogs live together in a sandy-floored shelter area, and their affection and charm engulfs visitors. Many of the dogs were victims of traffic accidents that caused irreversible damage to their spines, leaving them with limited or no sensation in their hind legs.

Staff and volunteers make sure these residents get great daily doses of play, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised exercise in wheeled carts, and every day are showered with love.

Charming characters

An interior shady acre is home to 40 girls and boys who each needed special, life-long care. Many are oldsters who have multiple issues, such as Rocky with rickets, Ganesh with arthritis, and Ladoo with only two and a half legs. Volunteers are sure to be smothered with affection from dogs like Horse (distemper survivor with neurological eccentricities) and Major Sahib, who will explain, despite his advanced age, detached and loose hanging lower lip, partial blindness, partial deafness, that he is 110% ok!

Large animal sanctuary

Disabled cows, neglected buffalo, and abused and handicapped donkeys can all find comfort in our tranquil sanctuary, a large space where animals can live without fear of being exploited ever again. With around 70 resident animals, visitors are often surprised at how peaceful the sanctuary can be, and just how much cows and donkeys love to love! We encourage visitors to spend some time in the large animal sanctuary. After all, where else can you hug a handsome bull, snooze with a snuggly water buffalo, or have a darling donkey use you as a head rest?

Meet Merry, an abandoned calf now safe in sanctuary

We found her on the side of the road, collapsed and barely breathing. She had been left to die. Back at Animal Aid she responded quickly to treatment and within a week she was exploring the shelter and making new friends. Merry has been loving life with us since 2017.

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