A people-loving Labrador, Jacqueline simply demands that you rub her belly, and you rub it now!

She is an assertive girl who knows what she wants and how to get it, offering you her paw for maximum cute points. You will often catch her snoozing (and snoring!) in the sun, one of her favourite pastimes, but equally she loves to play when given the chance.

Typical for her breed, Jacqueline is very food motivated and will do whatever she can to get hold of tasty treats. For this reason, she will need an owner who understands the importance of feeding the correct diet and helping her to maintain a healthy weight, as well as making sure she gets plenty of exercise.

Jacqueline mostly gets on with other dogs, but she truly adores people, and once she decides that you are her person, she will follow you around faithfully wherever you go. Jacqueline would be a perfect addition to a family with mature children and previous experience with dogs.

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