Energetic, mischievous, joyful.

Poodle-mix Popcorn is a fluffy ball of joy who wants nothing more than a family to call his own and play with all day.

Around 10 months old, Popcorn was an unwanted pet, although we can’t imagine why as he proves himself to be more and more delightful the longer he is with us.

Since he is a young dog, Popcorn has lots of energy and will happily spend most of his time playing with both other dogs and with people. He loves the rain and running around in muddy puddles – fortunately he likes baths too! He has a  mischievous streak and will sometimes take objects to play with, which he is always very proud of himself for! After a good play session, he loves to snuggle up close to the people that he likes and cuddle.

Being part-poodle, Popcorn doesn’t really shed his hair, although his hair will require maintenance, including regular trims and brushing to prevent it becoming too long and matted. After a bath and a brush, he has the silkiest, softest hair that we just can’t resist stroking!

Popcorn so far has proven to have a sweet, calm temperament, which we think would work with a family with children or another dog who can help him burn off some of his playful energy.

We know that there is a family out there who won’t be able to stop themselves from falling in love with this fluffy little monster.

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