A real gem, German-Shepherd cross Ruby desperately needs a family to protect and dote on.

Loyal, affectionate and silly, Ruby is a young girl who has faced a lot of insecurity in her short life after being abandoned at less than a year old. As a result, she can be uncertain of new people, but once you gain her trust she has nothing but love to give.

Ruby gets on well with other dogs and loves to play fetch. She is a water-baby and often makes us laugh by trying to dig the water out of her bowl!

Ruby does show some breed-typical traits and is protective of her area and of the people with whom she is bonded. Whilst not aggressive, she does bark and needs a companion who is confident taking the lead and showing her that she has nothing to fear – someone who has experience with large dog breeds would be ideal. Being eager to please and thriving off praise, Ruby is an easy dog to train, and with a little hard work and a lot of neck scratches, Ruby will make someone a perfect friend for life.

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