Be a hero for Honey!

We rescued Honey in 2017 after someone had thrown acid on her back. She had suffered 3rd degree burns over a large part of her back.
This loveable, bright, infinitely charming honey of a girl was so severely burned that we weren’t sure we could save her. Her rescue video that you can watch on our Youtube chanel shows the extent of the burns, and they took months to heal (in fact there is a little portion of her scar that never fully closes which is why she needs to stay in Animal Aid permanently.)

Honey is playful and truly one of those brilliant dogs who misses nothing, learns in a flash, knows so many concepts and navigates with diplomacy, wit and unstoppable sweetness through currents of ever-changing people and animals.

Your loving sponsorship provides permanent sanctuary for your sponsored sweetheart who simply could not survive alone on the streets.

Watch Honey’s rescue video!

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