Be a hero for Leoni!

In 2013 we received a distressed call on our helpline from a foreign traveler who had gone to visit a village about an hour’s drive outside of Udaipur, and in that village she had found an emaciated young dog who was unable to stand or walk lying collapsed on the side of the road. Jhadol falls outside of our service area, so the traveller, whose name was Leoni, wonderfully offered to bring the little dog with her by bus back to Udaipur. Our ambulance met her when she got off the bus and brought the frail dog back to Animal Aid. We decided to name her Leoni.

Back at the shelter we found that Leoni’s hind legs and pelvis were severely deformed. Her hind legs were atrophied and she was unable to stand. But despite her disability, she was able to carry herself forward using her front legs and actually could get herself around quite well. We treated her for dehydration and over the next month worked on getting her to a healthy body condition.

Your loving sponsorship provides permanent sanctuary for your sponsored sweetheart who simply could not survive alone on the streets.

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