Dog’s eyeball ruptured, urgent surgery saved Sammy’s life.

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August 21, 2021

Few injuries are more horrible to imagine than a ruptured eyeball, but this gentle boy’s eye had ruptured.

His suffering was extreme. The wound may have been caused by a passing vehicle hitting his head from behind. His excruciating pain had exhausted him, and he completely gave himself to his rescuer without the slightest resistance. Maybe he knew he was in safe hands. But could he know that those safe hands would hold him tight for the rest of his life? It was evening when he arrived at the hospital, and to prepare him for surgery in the morning we treated him for pain and made sure he did not eat or drink prior to surgery. His eye could not be saved, but the procedure went well, and he woke up from surgery immediately relieved. But only then did we realize, Sammy was also blind in the other eye. We’ve welcomed him to live for the rest of his life in the happy sanctuary of Animal Aid.

What a snugglebug he has become, and we hope you’ll join us in falling in love with Sammy. Love can lift someone out of suffering.

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