Rescue of bleeding and terrified young dog.

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June 19, 2021

This sweetheart was overcome with fear after being hit by a car.

His lower canine tooth was dislodged and bled profusely and he couldn’t stand. Although he had no broken bones, it took several days before he had the strength to stand on his own.

His most aching pain, however, was his broken tooth, and the day after he was admitted we popped him in and out of surgery to extract it. This little guy–we named him Rana–was so emotional that he wouldn’t eat until he was cuddled and reassured.

Rana was neutered as soon as he was strong enough, and now he’s as good as new. If courage is measured by overcoming fear, Rana proved to be a very brave little boy.

Some little heroes need extra love in order to heal.

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