Abandoned bull’s harness had cut to the bone, rescued.

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August 9, 2020

When Guddu was a calf, his mother’s owner tied a rope around his head and made sure he only got a minimum of his mother’s milk so that most of it could be sold. For dairy farmers around the world, bulls are “surplus” and are gotten rid of in several ways.

When Guddu was abandoned and left on the road, his owner left the harness on, probably not thinking his bull would even live long enough to outgrow it. Somehow, Guddu did live and grow–enough so that his halter almost took his life.

The wounds it caused behind his ears, horns and on his nose, are very hard to look at, let alone imagine enduring. But beautiful Guddu was just the gentlest sweetheart every step of the way.

Even bulls are fragile.

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