Abandoned, lifeless young Parsley’s fight to stay alive!

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March 21, 2024

From a distance this baby looked like he’d already died. But wait! He’s breathing! We found that he couldn’t even lift his head. His eyes were wide and rolled back–a sign of acute distress. Using our hydraulic lift we got him into the ambulance and rushed him back to the hospital where we examined him for wounds (he had no visible wounds) and immediately started him with treatment.

His eyes opened with consciousness, but only for a moment, and again he collapsed, exhausted. But a few hours later he attempted to eat on his own. He couldn’t manage it but we could see Parsley’s beautiful will to survive.

Our hopes grew. And well they should have, because after 5 weeks, Parsley  was making friends and had transformed himself into a medical assistant, licking another ailing calf with encouragement.

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