Healing a cow’s huge wound after crocodile attack (graphic footage).

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June 1, 2020

We really didn’t believe a crocodile had attacked this cow when the neighbors called to report her injury.

But she had been grazing just near Madar Lake, which is home to small crocodiles who have been seen by many farmers over the years. When we saw her wound, we gasped, and we believed. This probably wasn’t a false report; we think she really was attacked by a crocodile. Nothing else could explain the jagged edges of this enormous, deep and life-threatening wound. We were unable to suture it closed because there was insufficient skin remaining. We closed the wound with a smaller flap of skin, and stitched into place thread which would secure daily wound dressings for more than 100 days to come.

Meet beautifully-healed Emma today. Many bandages may be needed but unimaginable pain CAN disappear.

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