Rope embedded deep in neck but bull shows only sweetness.

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October 25, 2021

Neighbors noticed a bull who had lain too long hidden in bushes, and they realized something must be hurting him, though they couldn’t see what it was. They called us to rescue and when he stood, we could immediately see the cause of his agony: a rope was embedded in his neck. Someone must have tied it on him when he was much smaller and then forgot about it, abandoning him without thinking that he would grow, or that the rope would eventually strangle him. It had cut into his tissue at least an inch deep all around, and the long, large wound was filled with maggots.

We hurried him to the hospital to remove the rope and begin what would be weeks of wound treatments. We couldn’t believe how patient this gorgeous gentle boy was–never making a fuss, never pulling away with pain. He seemed to try to accept whatever life offered him.

Now, how beautiful it felt to be able to give him medical treatment, comfort, food and love. We named him Melo and he brings peace and acceptance to every day.

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