Almost fatal: healing dog’s astounding neck wound…

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April 3, 2022

To see the gaping neck wound was heartbreaking as we lifted this dog out of his hiding hole.

Maggots had consumed an enormous amount of tissue. His pain must have been so gripping that he couldn’t eat, and malnourishment had weakened him. His blue eyes were bright with pain and intelligence. We hurried him to the hospital and started his treatment immediately–applying the powder that enables us to remove maggots after a few hours. We boosted him with a hydration drip and started a vigorous feeding schedule, delighted that he loved his food and gained strength rapidly.

With such a large wound, it took two months for him to heal, but long before his healing was complete this loving angel had made friends with every staff member in his area, and most of the dogs too! What a precious life to save. As he recovered, his amazing eyes revealed intelligence deep as the ocean. And that’s what we’ve called him. Meet Ocean now!

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