An old boy was dying from mange, but not anymore!

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July 11, 2023

This elderly street dog seemed to know we were there to help.

He sat right down and let us carefully carry him to our ambulance. Covered in scabs and wounds from mange, as well as a deep wound on his leg and a severely infected eye, this poor gentle boy had almost reached the end of his life.

With a deep maggot-filled wound on his leg, he could hardly walk. His vision too was blurred by a wound near his eye that was probably caused by scratching. He was starving and even his toes were swollen and tender. When we reached our hospital we removed maggots from the deep wound on his leg, and began the series of creams, medicated baths and nutritious food that would change–and save!–his life.

He’s not rambunctious or bouncy. Gentle Petey is one of those shining souls who just wants to be a good boy.



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