Healing Breeze after terrible maggot wounds. We are in awe.

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March 15, 2024

Hiding himself away, this poor boy had a huge maggot wound around his left eye and paw that had all but killed him. We found him waiting to die in anguish beneath rough stairs at a construction site.

He allowed us to lift him, and when we arrived at our treatment table in the hospital we didn’t waste a moment before treating his pain and beginning the process of removing the maggots after light sedation. Afterwards, he was completely exhausted. We gently placed a padded bandage over his head and paw wounds, and gave him time to rest, to eat, and to accept some simple love.

The ritual of wound cleaning took place every day, and as the days passed, his extraordinarily agreeable nature emerged.  He’d turned a raging storm of pain into an “easy breezy” nature. We named him Breeze. He fills us with awe. Meet Breeze now.

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