Sweet dog with massive trauma wound saved by surgery.

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December 19, 2020

A weaker girl could never have survived injuries so extensive. A passing vehicle had caught her full force, tearing and severing the muscles, tendons and tissues connecting her shoulder–and leg–on to her body. Massive blood loss and trauma had already thrown her into shock; her blood pressure was falling and her breathing shallow and dangerously rapid by the time we reached the hospital. She would not survive without emergency surgery, and we could only hope she had enough strength left to get through anesthesia. To save her life, our surgeon had to amputate her leg, though it was more a case of completing an amputation already started by the severity of the accident.

When this brave girl awoke, her blood pressure and breathing were normalized. Careful lines of sutures safely closed the vast wounds inside and out. Now, her healing could begin.

Meet loveable, brave, three-legged Guddi. Oh, and she’s still very beautiful too!

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