Tragedy struck this dreamy dog, and rescue saved her.

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September 19, 2020

Elegant and subtle, this gorgeous lady dog was wounded by what appears to have been animal bites.

It’s possible that the bites abscessed but were covered with this girl’s abundant fur, and no one could see the wounds. Compounding the problem were maggots, who bored tunnels into the necrotic tissue. When the dead tissue was sloughed off, the fur came with it, and now this dog’s caring neighbor could see, astonished, the massive damage. He called us right away, and so began Dreamy’s healing process. She relaxed with us right away, because she is one who had already experienced loving human comfort. Dreamy would have died without rescue. Instead, she healed in just 3 weeks, and we spayed her before returning her to her neighborhood and caring friend. Beautiful outcomes start with trying.

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