Wounded dog jumps into ambulance to save herself…

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March 20, 2022

She wriggled and snarled when our rescuers attempted to lift this desperately wounded dog in order to rush her to the hospital.

She wouldn’t allow it. But wait! She had a bright twinkle in her eye and an eagerly wagging little stub of a tail. She leaped away from them and headed straight for…not the bushes! Straight for the ambulance itself! She wasted no time to quite clearly say: “Open the door so I can jump in!”

Once back in the hospital we thoroughly cleaned her very serious neck wound and her healing began. But during the 4th week of her healing process, we were alarmed that within just a couple of days she fell ill.  She had nasal discharge, her weight dropped off within just a couple of days, and after all her healing, we feared we might lose her.

But oh wow! She rallied! Meet the simply astounding Aatifa now!

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