Agitated by hundreds of flies, wounded donkey rescued…

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September 21, 2023

This donkey’s ear was badly wounded from the inside out.

His inner ear infection had drawn thousands of flies and to see him on the side of the road, shaking his head in so much agitation, was heart-breaking. Blood soaked his jaw and upper shoulder and the flies seemed to worsen his trauma. We hurried him to our hospital and began his treatment with pain medicine and a thorough cleaning.

Floppy was an amazing patient, simply bearing the treatments which must have both hurt and frightened him. But he held completely still and made dressing his wound as easy for his care-givers as he possibly could. The wound took two months of daily dressings to heal, but Floppy felt much better long before the scar tissue had completely sealed the initial wound. Watch til the end, because now, Floppy sometimes seems to smile.

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