Meet Blessing, whose ankles were cut by rope, saved and loved…

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September 29, 2021

Meet beautiful Blessing. He is one of the gentlest angels we’ve ever met. He’s healthy now, after weeks of daily wound cleaning and new bandages, good food and cheerful days. But oh, has he suffered. Bred for and born into labor, this young donkey never had a chance to experience life as a care-free little soul. He would have spent every day under an almost unbearable load, often “managed” by children too young for such immense responsibility, and not educated about animals having feelings. Adult donkey owners who abuse donkeys in this way may have a disconnection between animal suffering and it mattering that an animal is suffering.

The abuse may not be intentional. Beneath it is ignorance and possibly real indifference. Because of your help in giving us the means to rescue donkeys and publicize their abuse on social media,  awareness is growing about the vulnerability of working animals everywhere, like Blessing.

Blessing is now safe, adding his sweetness to the world.

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