A glimmer of hope was all this dying dog had.

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December 19, 2021

He’s not soooo old but we didn’t realize it at first, because this wounded boy was so completely hurt by a bad wound and damage to his spinal nerves.

He couldn’t stand. He couldn’t even lift his head. In fact, his pain was so intense he could barely move his eyes. But he could cry, and his sobs alerted neighbors that he was laying  there in the rubbish urgently needing rescue. We immediately began wound treatment in the hospital, but he remained unable to stand although he didn’t appear to have a fracture.

We put him into a protocol of 6-weeks of bed rest to allow nerves to heal and swelling between vertebrae to subside. He couldn’t eat without help, and depression, we feared, was setting in. But at about 3 weeks, he managed to sit up. Only now did we grow confident that he had a fighting chance.

Join Glimmer’s journey from dying to dancing.


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