Saving a dying tiny kitten.

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April 19, 2021

Fragile and collapsed, this kitten was dying when she was found laying wet in the road.

She wasn’t bleeding; her tiny body was intact, but she had seemed to suffer a terrible trauma–maybe she fell, was rolled by a passing vehicle–we just have no idea. But we ever so gently hurried her to our hospital, examined her thoroughly, found no external injuries but treated her for pain, and gave her a safe, clean little kennel to rest in. We would have to wait to see if there was internal damage that might take her life. But our hearts leapt to see that within minutes her ears pricked forward and her eyes opened as she surveyed her surroundings. Where am I? she seemed to ask.

Her curiosity was a sign that her life force was not lost. Watch what happens to beautiful little Horrera in the days to come! Angels can hide in very small packages.

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