Mother cow lavishes love on her wounded baby.

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May 16, 2020

A serious wound covered in flies caused this baby intense distress.

We brought both the calf (Moon) and his mother (Jupiter) to Animal Aid for his several weeks of treatment. As soon as his wound was cleaned and bandaged, his mood lightened incredibly, and he constantly invited his mom to play. It was as if he felt so secure with her always by his side that he was the perfect little patient, and she was the perfect loving angel always in the wings. In most dairies, including the backyard dairies in villages, when a baby is only a couple of days old, they are taken from their anguished mother cows or tied apart from her to prevent the baby from nursing or having any physical contact.

Watching Jupiter and Moon, it’s very clear that snuggling, grooming and touching is as important as sunlight and air. But Jupiter couldn’t clean and bandage Moon’s wound. That’s where you come in…

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