The rescue team followed a trail of blood…

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February 19, 2021

Her pain was so great this beautiful girl would not stand.

A trail of blood showed us she’d been in the road when possibly the sharp edge of a motorbike had cut her. Luckily she lay quietly, which must have helped stop the bleeding. When her rescuers arrived, this sweetheart regarded them with a kind of faith in our kindness. She held perfectly still while her rescuer gently lifted her into the ambulance. Back at Animal Aid we cleaned and stitched her wound in a surgery that took only minutes, but saved her from potential weeks of healing time.

After 20 days her deep wound had closed and Diya was ready to go back to her neighborhood. She leapt ahead, looked back, and seemed to be leading us in a great hurry. Watch to see why! Life is beautiful.

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