Emaciated and sick with mange, street dog blossoms from love.

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August 23, 2020

We got a call that a street dog was covered in mange.

We hadn’t expected to find a dog so emaciated. We’re not sure if the hunger had made her vulnerable to mange, or if mange had so disturbed her that she could no longer even search for food. We were so relieved that she started eating right away. We treated her mange with medicine and daily baths, and waited eagerly for the first signs of recovery. These signs did not happen overnight. In fact it took almost a month of coaxing before Primrose (named for a flower we knew was waiting inside her) started to show signs of happiness. And then, something changed. Suddenly Primrose blossomed with a radiant smile. She started to put on weight and her shining new coat of fur began to grow in. What a sweet, velvety girl she is today.

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