Rubber band tied tightly around her head, puppy rescued.

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November 4, 2023

We were stunned to see that a rubber band could so horribly injure this puppy’s neck.

The rubber band penetrated deep into the tissue and causing a wound so extensive that it is one of the worst we’ve seen in relation to her body size.

As soon as we had her on the treatment table of course we cut the rubber band off, and although the removal stung a bit, we suspect that relief was almost immediate. We now treated the wound like any other serious laceration, and supported her with antibiotics, a hydration drip, food and–yup, cuddles!

It took her a couple of weeks to no longer need the bandage, but we were astonished at how quickly her little body healed. Turned out, to no one’s surprise, that she is a huge love bug, eager to forget her weeks of excruciating pain, ready to jump into a long happy life ahead.

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