Baby piglet Olivia’s beautiful life (and near death rescue).

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April 24, 2020

Olivia’s story is a simple rescue of a piglet with a wound in her neck.

Her treatment and recovery are made sweeter by loving care from people, which she desperately needed because she is very young and we couldn’t find her mother. But there’s another story here–about her intelligence, humor, playfulness, and sensitivity. Qualities most pigs had at birth, but were never allowed to explore or develop. By the time you have finished watching this happy little 4-minute video, thousands of pigs will have been killed in the meat industry.

Each of these individuals have qualities like Olivia’s. Each one wanted to think, to create, to play, to feel this magical earth beneath her little toes, just like Olivia is doing now. #EveryPigIsOlivia

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