Sassy, hilarious, huggable!

Big and bold, Finn is a people-loving goofball who is waiting for a person to be his new best friend. Finn is an abandoned Labrador mix and is playful, loyal, intelligent and affectionate (he just loves giving doggy kisses!). He will do anything for a belly rub, even if that means plonking himself between your feet and rolling onto his back to get your attention!

Finn is very food oriented and as a result struggles with his weight. His new owner must understand this, controlling his diet and providing plenty of exercise opportunities to ensure he doesn’t suffer from weight-related health problems. Fortunately, Finn will often bring you toys and is delighted when you play with him!

While Finn bonds very quickly with people, he is a very strong-willed dog, and he makes it clear if he is not happy with a situation and does have potential to snap. He also has a tendency to “mouth” you, albeit gently, when he wants your attention. For this reason and because of his physical strength and size, Finn would be best suited to a home with no children, preferably with someone who has owned dogs previously.

A joy to be around, we have no doubt that we will find a wonderful companion for Finn, who will be as won over by his silliness and his huge capacity for love as we are.

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