Be a hero for Suki!

Beautiful, gentle, and ever-trusting Sukie, is blind. Sukie is always ready for a cuddle, and her ears prick forward and sideways attentively whenever she’s spoken to. Sukie carries herself with happiness now; you can see it in her relaxed, sweetly smiling face. But this wasn’t what she looked like in late 2021 when we rescued her. We’d gotten a rescue request for a horse wandering injured in the middle of the road. What we found on arrival was a nearly starving young mare, confused, compliant, trembling. We realized almost immediately that she was blind.

Sukie ate well and seemed comforted by the presence of cows and bulls in our hospital, but as much as Sukie needed food and care, she needed a friend.  We never will know what companion was left behind when her owner abandoned Sukie on the road. But what we do know is that the arrival of a red pony named Belle was the sweetest gift of Sukie’s new life in Animal Aid.

You can watch their rescue video here –

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